HUF Clothing

Picture of HUF 'Demi Script' T-Shirt Navy

HUF Clothing

Although HUF Mens Clothing was developed in the Tenderloin District of Bay area its originator Keith Hufnagel was created and bred on the means streets of latest York. Originally a skate store selling the very best streetwear, skate wear, graphic t-shirts hoodies and sweatshirts and difficult to find mens clothing HUF was soon producing its own line of HUF Clothing. Since then HUF is now synomymous with high quality streetwear which remains true to its roots in the skate world. Combining quality 5-panel caps, snapback caps, footwear and cut and sew with great graphic mens t-shirts and classic HUF Clothing logo tees, sweatshirts and hoodies HUF Clothing has generated itself at the pinnacle of streetwear without losing touch featuring its skate roots. HUF has also relocated its head quarters to LA in order that it can be at the very heart of the streetwear and mens clothing scenes there. So check out HUF Clothing UK right here at justanother for the best snapbacks, graphic mens t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and 5-panel caps kicking away from California.

HUF Clothing UK


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